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My latest creations! :D I do poetry, scifi stories, fantasy stories, abstract art, pokemon videogame pixel art, draw swords, the occasional map and OC, do photography, culinary arts, photo-manipulations, miscellaneous junk...

Tell me if there's something more you think I should try! ^_^ ty and have a good day *huggle*

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deviation in storage by DS-Hina


~top secret~
United States
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Trance, and movie scores
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- Be good to each other and stay safe out there.
Well it's been a while since a new journal was up, and so I'm going to do some features. The first ten people to comment will get their avatar displayed and I'll pick out five pieces of art from their gallery to post up as well.
Now, I'm mostly curious if that many people still watch this dusty old thing xD
If at all possible, others should do some features as well (especially those who comment), since it's a good way to spread artists around.

1. SS116
in the painful calm nighti went to your funeral
and didn't have fun
i exploded in neutral
like bang from a gun
i dug a deep hole
it was shaped like a grave
and i lay in the earth
felt the cold that i crave
and i sat on the gravestones
and i wept a grey tear
saw your ghost in the sunset
and was filled with your fear
so i'll climb down the staircase
to a basement of sky
where the angels are coughing
on the clouds rolling by
i was bloody and poisoned
when you took me away
when you sat back and watched
as i struggled to say
"with clouds comes the hunger
with the poison comes thirst
and it matters not who lives
the dead shall die first"
sad timesmy brain is become a black worm
one day it will bore through my skull
it will lower itself over my right eye
as it enters my vision i will recoil
i will be too afraid to touch it
the horrifying exodus will continue
until it has extended far enough
to wrap itself around my throat
i will rush to the bathroom
tears streaming down my face
blind with fear
i will grasp it firmly with both hands
and force myself to touch it
in order to remove it from myself
as the last of it falls from me
i will have a few brief seconds
to realize that this means my end
if i had a few more seconds i might worry
that the worm will crawl down the drain
and no one will believe me
oh well
what by SS116 eyes face the fire, backs face the doorin flame-lit halls
on starless nights
the elders sit
and dream of sights
of ancient wonders
frozen lights
the north has hold
as cold as bone
her eyes like snow
her voice like stone
and time comes on
when men will fold
ere too long
the old ones seek
great futures dark
and deeply split
the currents weak
and parts together
strangely fit
and deeply wrong
then speak they words
of bitter depth
and long remembered
secrets kept
of time when time
himself had slept
and winter hid
and fiercely wept
her glowing tears
they’re dark tonight
they hide and keep
their wilting light
o’er head of mountain
cloud and home
care not they
for man or throne
and know they
we are each alone
vast in void
like those above
in howling silence
weakly love
but deep in winter
flickers light
the elder’s fire
granting sight
brought you here
by secret guides
this empty sphere
the heart abides
  dominuswhen i told you to submit
i meant get on your knees and mean it
this is my kingdom
you're my conquest
you will fall before i've finished
upon my head a crown of horns
upon a writhing throne i sit
the floor is yours to lie on
my domain is you diminished
Wounded Pride by Runtpuppy Sleeping Beauty by Runtpuppy Moths to a Flame by Runtpuppy Parul And Adam-colour Blocking by Runtpuppy Sole Survivor by Runtpuppy
3. darkness-of-a-poet.deviantart.…
Bleeding Rainbow by darkness-of-a-poet Pain Rose From AboveMy world crushes in around me
I feel hate is in the air
The dark is all I can see
Feel happy, do you dare
Feeling this way is who I've always been
The darkness is everywhere
Whoops, now the clock is way past ten
Through the smiling crowd I tear
Now I ask, do you wish to see the world through my eyes
Doesn't anyone see from this pain that I suffer
You will see the joy in me slowly but painfully dies
I'm supposed to be brave, they say, even tougher
The pain just keeps rising to the field of my dreams
Everything to my advantage is ruined as it seems
If My Life Was A MovieRewind back to the day we met
When you stole my heart
And you became my reason to smile
And we laughed and we cried
As we said the three words
The most heartfelt thing to say
Rewind back to that warm, beautiful day
When the sun was setting
And the birds were singing their song
And we stood together hand in hand
As we each said those two words
That would bind us together
Rewind back to that cold, early morning
When we got in the car with bags packed
And the pain sped up, and I was scared
And you never did leave my side
As we heard that beautiful, innocent sound
The cry that would belong to our boy
Fast-forward to this busy, tired day
When we have our kids by our side
And even though there is stress to handle
And even though there are gloomy days
As long as we are together
This love shall remain
Beach Love by darkness-of-a-poet Tardis Adventures by darkness-of-a-poet
  • Listening to: Enya - Athair Ar Neamh

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Sushimitzu Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
It's worth watching, yes. :) Would love hearing your opinion.
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